Ryukyu Glass Industry-glass32-No-Glass (water)



[Product introduction]
Okinawan glass peculiar thickly thick thickly and beautiful and beautiful.Glasses with smooth curves and light water colors are beautiful.It is very familiar to the hands of a sober, depending on the snoring.The glass is the most suitable for everyday use when it is glass and warm.

Size: 9.5 centimeters in diameter, 8.5cm, and 300ml capacity
Material: Replay glass
■ Responsible
Oven ×
E-Range x
Eat washing machine.

[inventor introduction]
"Ryukyu Glass-Glass32," which is a glass of Ryukyu glass, in Nago, Okinawa Prefecture, Okinawa Prefecture.It is located at the entrance of the Yanbaru Glass Road, and recycled bottles that are no longer used as raw materials.
It is a creative work, "Blue's Cave," which is a fantastic work that includes dark navy blue and blue gradient, and has a unique impression of "The Cloud Children of the Ryukyu Glass" and many fans have been awarded numerous prizes.
The work of Gushiken, who loves the sea in Okinawa, is reflected in the beautiful and difficult sea and nature of Okinawa's image.

[Caution Points]
Products and products delivered with product images are not exactly the same.
The size, shape, color, pattern, and the air pattern are all different from each other in order to make all the hands.Please refrain from purchasing the individual characteristics of the individual, as well as the facial expression of the septoid, as well as the expression of the expression of the individual.

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