Kosen Kiln Slim Plate L

萬古焼 光泉窯


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[product introduction]
A plate of Funagata where form sharp into long pieces is beautiful. It is the stylish caliber whom I will employ as an accent of the dining table. There is depth moderately and plays an active part in the wide use because it is available to a dish with the humidity.

■Size: About narrow side 11.5cm long side 37cm height 2.5㎝
■Material: Semiporcelain
■The correspondence right or wrong
Oven X
Microwave oven○
Washing-up washing machine○

[builder introduction]
A pottery of the 萬古 (ばんこ) firing based in Yokkaichi-shi, Mie.
A sum modern taste to feel warmth peculiar to a farm product. Calibers playing an active part in the everyday dining table in spite of being a refined design. A hue tasteful beautifully that glaze of marked produces.
Through an attractive container, I want to value the encounter with a person and the person. In such thought, I am particular about manual labor one by one and produce it.

[matters that require attention]
It is identical, and there are not a product image and the product to send.
Because all the containers are handmade, size, form, a color, a design, the texture vary in one point of one point.
Please refrain from crackle (the crack that is likely to enter the surface), a pinhole (small hole), iron powder (the state that you were oxidized by iron content being baked, and became the sunspot), the purchase of the glaze which cannot capture the individual difference such as irregularities as the personality of the container, an expression of the containers.

I do not accept cancellation, returned goods, the exchange by the circumstances of the visitor.