Usuki baking circle flower dessert bowl



[product introduction]

Usuki Ware is a porcelain type hit(or out)with Technique 1 piece 1 piece produced, and porcelain from the soil composition of your look is born.

■Size:approximately D10. 5 x 5 cm

■material: porcelain

■corresponding to whether the

oven X

【make introduction]

Usuki burn, now from 200 years ago in the late Edo period Usuki clan kilns as a start,once you have lost vision of the baked ones.
USUKIYAKI Institute,Usuki bake again be revived for the remaining small materials, the modern version of the Usuki stone baked to make efforts to continue them.
"Sink dishes picture frame that is" The idea, based on the location of your natural shape, natural material, extract making equipment we Usuki's rich sea and mountains from the ingredients,organic produce,old flourished from miso, soy sauce, sake and other brewed products, supported by traditional culture beautiful and that's culture, that This land of nature and design to the burned equipment to other locations to deliver to, and place the table of the color that we see.


product images and product are all the same is not available.
All hand-made, the size, shape, color, pattern, texture, etc 1 point 1 point different.
The individual difference of personalities and facial expressions as customers who do not purchase please refrain.

By the circumstances of the customer cancellation・returns and exchanges are not accepted.